Lefkada is the fourth biggest island of the Ionian Sea.

It is situated between Corfu and Cefalonia, very close to the north-west coast of Aitoloakarnania, from which is separated with a lagoon.

The tour around Lefkas begins from the bridge of Lefkas which links the island with the greek mainland (free of charge) and is considered to be the road connection of the island.

A street above the sea level (1800m long ) leads to the town of Lefkas.

On the right hand there is the Lagoon of Lefkas with its famous beach of Agios Ioannis and Gyra with its characteristic windmills.

The west coast of Lefkada seems to be surrounded to the deep blue Ionian Sea and the open horizon.

The first big beach of the west coast the is the windmills : this long beach has got four windmills.

During the summer it is full of surfers from all over the world.
Late in the afternoon the wind, the beach, the sky and the sea swamp from the colourful sails of the surfing and kite-surfing athletes. The show is fantastic.

St John : this beach follows the beach of the Windmills. It was named after the little church of St. John which was built between the sand and the pines.

The beach of St John is the ideal place for relaxation and it was recently awarded with the blue flag of the European Union.

The town of Lefkas is the gate of the island.

The historical centre of Lefkas town is graphic and beautiful with coloured wooden houses and narrow stone paths.

Walking through the pedestrian zone of the Lefkas Market can be very pleasant because of the numerous shops and cafes.

You can drive from all regions of Greece without having to use a ferry boat in order to arrive here. Flights are also frequent to and from Aktio airport, a mere 15 kilometers  from the capital of Lefkada. Ferry boats via Igoumenitsa (100 km) from Lefkada and Patras 180 km. 



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